Service Repair

The Pink city Bikes is a well-known workshop for bikes and modified bikes. We have so many models and designs of bikes including different brand like Yamaha, Honda, bullet, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Hero, Bajaj etc. Along with having so many brands in our showroom the maintenance and repairing services are also provided by the team of The Pink city Bikes in Jaipur and nearby place with most satisfactory services. The maintenance of the bike is the mandatory task which must be repeated at the specific given time intervals. The Pink city Bikes provides you with this service at the most affordable prices in Jaipur along with experienced and qualified staff having a very deep knowledge of various bikes. We provide you with the following services in the repairing and maintenance of your bike:

  • Headset removing and refitting with fresh grease of premium quality.
  • Checking of Wheel hubs for damage and wear.
  • Wheel hubs stripping and re-assembling with fresh grease.
  • Checking of Brakes and gears for damage and wear and adjusted.
  • Tyres checking for damage and wear and re-inflating.
  • Cables checking for damage.
  • Headset adjusting and bolts re-torqued.
  • Frame cleaning.
  • Drivetrain removing, cleaning and refitting.
  • Brakes surfaces/rotors checking for effectiveness and balancing.
  • Wheels balancing, cleaning and trued.

Suspension: The pink city custom removes your forks and sends them away for servicing by an appropriate partner or manufacturer of your bike along with its accessories.

General fitting: For the pink city custom, no job is too big or too small. Our mechanics can help you with basic tasks including gear cable fitting, brake bleeding, headset replacement etc.

Sometimes the consumption of the fuel is increased by the bike and it costa a lot because of the increasing prices of the petrol day by day. To avoid such conditions, the checking and maintaining the bike is the best way to stop unwanted expense and to have a safe ride forever. If you are finding the best workshop to get your bike maintained and repaired so that you could have no burden about the riding your beloved bike in Jaipur and nearby places then pink city custom is the right place. All repairing work is done with the most satisfactory services along with the most affordable prices.